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Boiling Pot helps clients develop blog campaigns so that they perform well.

Your website is a place where people come to find the basic details about your business — where you exist in the world, what services or products you offer, your hours, and contact information. But, websites are also places where customers learn about who you are and what makes you an authority in your field. Blogs are a great way to help your customers connect with you, and in turn, blogs help your website perform better.

Here’s why:

Blogs are good for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the science of increasing traffic to your website through organic search results. SEO is a complex beast, but one of the easiest things to learn in SEO is using keywords.

Keyword research can help you plan out your title and keep you on track in your writing, ensuring that you come back to some keywords and phrases throughout your article.

Check out this free tool from Wordtracker that allows you to plug in a keyword and then offers the top words and phrases that people search for related to that word. Here is what came up when I searched the word, “blog”


Applying those words in your blog is one SEO practice that can help your website be successful.

Blog content presents you as an expert in your field

Blog articles are a way for you to connect with your audience. Beyond the details of your company or organization, people looking at your website are likely also interested in topics related to your field.

Consumers appreciate websites that contribute to larger, industry-related conversations. Helpful and useful information allows consumers to gain a better understanding of topics in your industry and enables them to trust you as a reliable source of information, not just pushers of products and services.

Blog articles keep people on your website longer

When people find your blog via a keyword search, they are more likely to stay on your website longer. That’s because there is compelling information that they are likely to stick around and read. But, also, readers are more likely to click around elsewhere on your website when they come to your site via a blog.

Blogs give you opportunities for calls for action

The end of a blog often ends with an invitation for the reader to do something. Often, it’s an invitation for them to contact you to learn more about how your company can help them with the topic at hand. Sometimes, it may link over to another blog article on your site that has more details about the topic. And other times it may involve following your social media channels, where you post regularly about the topic.

Blogs keep your website current and fresh

Blogs are a way for you to replenish the information on your website without revising page content. Google rewards websites that have updated content with more hits. Blogging also gives repeated opportunities to direct people elsewhere on your website, and inbound links are another effective SEO practice!

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