Building your website to (SEO) code

How search engines act as SEO building code inspectors for websites.

James grew up on construction sites with his dad. He likes building things with his hands and he also sees website development and many of the facets that accompany it as a form of construction.  Construction is a frequent metaphor James likes to use to explain how things work. And a building metaphor works remarkably well for explaining how SEO works.

Accessible and Friendly

Search Engine Optimization’s function is similar to how to correctly build your business’s physical location. If you want your physical business to be friendly to visitors, you’ll do some things to make sure it is accommodating to your patrons, like:

  • Following construction codes so your building is safe.
  • Installing handrails.
  • Creating doors and aisles that are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Including an elevator, if there’s a second story.

In the same way, when you build a website, you’ll follow certain rules to ensure that your online location is accessible and friendly, like:

  • Using header tags in the appropriate place.
  • Using image tags correctly.
  • Ensuring that the information that people seek is easy to find and understandable.

SEO Site Inspection

Just as a building code inspector examines your physical location, a search engine, like Google, acts as your website’s virtual code inspector. If your physical building has stairs that have an 8-inch tread width but they’re supposed to be 11 inches, an inspector will cite you for a violation.

Similarly, when your website goes live, the search engine will come over and comb your site to see where to place it. If you have no alt tags, your header tags are the wrong size, or your information is not easily understandable, your website won’t return in search results. Known as a “bad rank,” turning up low in search results is the equivalent of a virtual citation.

A building code inspector’s job is to make sure that buildings are safe and accessible. Part of a search engine’s obligation is to ensure the internet is a useful place. If websites don’t follow conventions that make it useful they don’t reward websites with high ranks in search results.

Website developers understand the rules and regulations that govern online storefronts and business locations. We are SEO experts and know how to construct virtual locations that are searchable and easy to find.


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