Pages with Cause-centered Content Design Work Better

Content design is more than just putting words on a page. Content design involves crafting the message that will encourage readers to take the actions that you want them to take. The correct message is the foundation on which your entire marketing platform is built.

BPM approaches content design by centering the message around a cause. The reason that you do your work or that your company can exist and sell products is the cause. Causes are often situations.

Let’s example cause-based messaging with a nonprofit housing organization – the cause underlying their existence usually would be “everyone deserves shelter.” If a housing nonprofit builds its message around that statement, they will have several advantages when developing their marketing language:

It’s a simple but descriptive idea that will be easy to expand.

It’s an agreeable idea – so, readers will be inclined to be receptive to other messages from the organization.

Cause-centered content design provides consistency in the overall brand design and messaging

Your cause-based message will inform things like your graphics, your logo, page design and layout, and eventually future print and digital marketing efforts. Initial time spent crafting content offers consistency in the way that you talk about and promote your brand.

Cause-centered content design is intentional in its language choices

Cause centered design isn’t just about slapping information about different aspects of your business or organization onto a page. Being cause-centered involves:

Investing in that time early-on can save time and money in the long run and improve your website performance.

Cause-centered content design creates a unique voice and personality for the brand

Through evaluating a brand’s cause, BPM takes the time to learn about what else makes an organization unique and form that into an original voice and personality that aligns with the organization’s cause. A strong voice creates effective content that can turn ears in social media marketing and other marketing campaigns.

Cause-centered content design is an essential element in marketing

Defining a core cause and the resultant message at the inception of a website design project results not only in a more impactful website but it also helps to make other marketing efforts more precise. Laying the groundwork of good cause-based marketing language on your website allows you to stay focused on your goals, repeat those efforts in other materials, and build on those words and ideas as your company or organization grows.

Cause-centered content design works alongside graphic design and website development for a highly functional and clean end product

Evaluating and crafting cause-based content should be one of the first steps in developing a company’s or organization’s online presence. Often this work is done in tandem with other website design elements that go hand-in-hand with content — things like page layout, graphic design, logos, and formatting.

At Boiling Pot Media, cause-based content design is the first step in developing or redesigning a website. Think your content could do more for you, but you want some support? Get in touch!

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