Juicy Leaf

Contactless Pickup and Delivery
Web Development

Boiling Pot Media designed a website and ecommerce system for Juicy Leaf, featuring an online store, mix-and-match product selection, and a delivery scheduling system to accommodate contactless delivery practices. Boiling Pot also provided Juicy Leaf with training on website maintenance.

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Whereas cold-pressed juices at the supermarket undergo High-Pressure Processing and can sit on the shelf for a month or more, Juicy Leaf’s products are truly raw and pressed fresh. Cold-pressed juicing involves a gentle grind and firm press that limits heat and oxidation, allowing the juice to maintain its enzymes for up to three days after pressing- so their juices never stay on the shelf for more than three days. In addition to their regular juice products, Juicy Leaf curates “Juicy Feasts”- several-day curated juice selections to fuel the cells with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, living enzyme, and probiotics.

Kalamazoo, MI


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