Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club requested our services in 2016. Boiling Pot Media took their existing logo and developed a strong brand identity for their website, created a correlating infographic, and developed a website and events calendar that can be updated and moderated, directly, by people in their organization. Their new site allows them to sell memberships, physical products, digital products, and event tickets.

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The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club is devoted to addressing the needs of bicycle-riding enthusiasts in the Kalamazoo area by offering a variety of rides throughout the bike season, engaging in community bicycling advocacy, and educating both its members and the general public about bike safety.

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Kalamazoo Bicycle Club Review

One of our main contacts for this project was Paul. After we launched the website, he left the following review on our FaceBook page.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club requested our services. They had two major objectives: affirm a stronger Brand and acquire a time-saving website.

We took their existing logo and developed a strong brand identity ( color palette, graphics style, and font selection ) for their website. The brand is also useful for additional marketing materials. KBC also asked us to create a infographic for them. The corroborating styles of the infographic and website adds a sense of authority to their organization.

Since KBC is an all-volunteer organization, we worked to provide a website that would ease the administrative burden of operations. Their new website can be updated and moderated by people who have low-or-no technical skills. Their events calendar can be moderated via a Google Calendar integration, eliminating the need to update the website directly. And they are able to sell memberships, physical products, digital products, and event tickets through their website, streamlining sales and data collection.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club sought Boiling Pot Media for a new website to replace their dated site. After the website was complete, they requested that we develop a high quality brochure that they could use to market their memberships and events. We developed a document that features images from the club, and a style that maintains brand continuity with their new website.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club Brochure
Kalamazoo Bicycle Club Brochure


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