Contactless Retail May Stay Popular After Covid-19 Ends

As the U.S. prepares for COVID-19, companies are expanding to offer contactless retail options.

As COVID-19 blankets news coverage, you may have heard the terms “contactless payment,” “contactless pickup,” and “contactless retail.” What do those phrases mean? When and why is it used? And which companies might benefit from having these systems in place?

Contactless Retail

Contactless payment is a popular payment method, which involves purchasing electronically without physical contact. Mostly this is used for convenience — using a debit card online or at the gas pump, for instance. But, as Coronavirus spreads, The World Health Organization recommends contactless payment for another reason: to limit the spread of germs.

Contactless pickup takes it further by eliminating contact not just at the point of purchase but throughout the entire shopping experience. In these scenarios, customers order products online from local retailers, pay online, and schedule a pick-up or delivery. In areas of COVID-19 outbreaks, grocers have experienced high demand in their ordering and pick-up services as people isolate themselves and try to limit unnecessary contact.

The Technology

Contactless retail uses a number of web-based technologies that allow for smooth ordering and transactions, scheduling, and customer messaging and updates.

  • E-commerce enables online shopping and payment.
  • Appointment scheduling software enables customers to book a time to pick up their orders or receive their delivery.
  • Streamlined email and SMS notifications integrate appointments with text messaging reminders.
  • GPS mapping software imports orders into a mapping application to identify the most economical route for order delivery.

As the U.S. prepares for the inevitability of a countrywide outbreak, many companies are assessing their pandemic preparedness plans. For retailers, those plans might include adding or boosting contactless payment, contactless pickup and/or contactless delivery services.

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