Use cPanel to Create a Database

To create a website that uses a Content Management System, like WordPress or Drupal, you will need to have a database. Your host should provide 10 databases in the hosting package that you purchased with them. To create a database,

1. Login to your CPannel account (your host can provide you a link to your CPannel if you don’t already have one).

2. Navigate to the Databases pane in CPannel (this tutorial follows A Small Orange Hosting’s CPannel, but all hosts should be similar) and select MySQL Databases.


3. Set your database name (it really could be anything). Some hosts, like ASO, set a manditory prefix to your table. You’ll need the database name later, so write it down.

Create New Database

4. For your database to be functional, you will need to create a user for the database. When you click “create user,” a form should pop up.

Create New MySQL User


5. Navigate back to MySQL and add your new user to the database by using the drop-down menu.


6. After setting the username and password (be sure to write these down!) you will be prompted to set the permissions for the user. Select all.

Give New MySQL user All Privileges


7. WordPress will ask for a host for the database. Your host may use “localhost” (A Small Orange Does). Or, it may use a specific server host URL. Look around to see if the server host is listed somewhere. If you try to install using localhost and it does not work, ask your host whether they use a specific server host URL.

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