Customize Online Sales with WooCommerce

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As an open-source and customizable platform, WooCommerce is developer-friendly, website-owner-friendly, and online-shopper-friendly.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that allows business owners to sell their physical and/or digital products online.


Specifically, it allows business owners to manage inventory, execute sales, collect payments, and schedule shipping in a streamlined way.


As part of their online shopping experience, customers provide certain information to businesses when they shop online, like their name, phone number, and email address. Business owners can ask to use this information in order to reach out to customers again, making it easier to develop targeted advertising.


In addition to those standard features, WooCommerce also has the ability to incorporate extended features. Companies can create a shopping experience that is more like their customers’ in-real-life shopping habits when they capitalize on these special functions.


Check out some examples of how our clients have used the entended WooCommerce features to satisfy their customer base:



One of our clients, Juicy Leaf, needed a way for customers to assemble a group of products and to allow products to be purchased as an ongoing subscription. Using WooCommerce, we were able to set up both:



Wish lists and favorites

PFC Natural Grocery and Deli came to us wanting support setting up an online store. With an extensive in-store inventory and a Point-of-Sale system, PFC’s eCommerce system is complex. Using WooCommerce, we helped them integrate their inventory list and POS system.


We also included features that online grocery shoppers are used to utilizing — wishlists and favorites — so that returning customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.



A customized WooCommerce checkout experience meets customers’ needs for convenience while also increasing the sales rate. At Boiling Pot, we find that WooCommerce is a useful platform for the developer, and is also user-friendly to the client and their customers.


At Boiling Pot Media, our developers have experience configuring and customizing eCommerce platforms for contactless retail. Are you interested in learning about eCommerce for your business? Get in touch.

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