Moving WordPress | Duplicator Plugin

Almost every time that I try to migrate a WordPress website from one server to another, it takes a few attempts (or I have to look up several tutorials) before I get the protocol right.  Despite, my strong desire to be self-sufficient kept me using the manual tactic for years.

And then, there came a day that I needed to move a site in a pinch (my clients old hosting service would end in hours, and, my napping infant was going to wake at any moment). While clicking through tutorials, I stumbled upon the Duplicator Plugin by Cory Lamle.

Duplicator is an excellent WordPress clone/backup tool.

With one click, Duplicator pulls the entire WordPress database and all WordPress files (so your posts, pictures, theme, theme options, and plugins are all secure) from the live blog and compresses them. Simultaneously,  it creates install.php – a file that decompresses the package at the new host.

To set up the duplicate site, all you need to do is FTP the two files (the compressed site and install.php) to your new host, and run www.[yourdomain].com/install.php. In just a few clicks, you can configure the MySQL connection (you can set the installer to create the database) and the run install.

The first time I tried, it took me just ten minutes to establish the new instance of my clients site – a perfect copy. And all before the baby woke up.


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