Creating Carousel Image Galleries in WordPress (with or without JetPack by Automattic)

Automattic – a company that owns, that provides mostly-free, always open source extensions to WordPress, and whose founders are two of the main creators of WordPress – has created lots of really great tools for WordPress users.

One of those tools is the Carousel Image Gallery, which comes as a component of Jetpack, but can be installed separately using this or this plugin.

Carousel Image Gallery is possibly the best integrated, easiest to use gallery extension that WordPress offers. Plus – it’s supported by the WordPress Mobil App – so if you or your client is running a blog/portfolio that should include lots of images, this Gallery is great because new items with beautiful galleries can be added right from the field.

Here’s How to Set Up a Gallery

Select the “Add Media” button above the text editor.

1 Select Add Media

In the window that comes up, choose “Create a Gallery” on the top left.

2 Select create gallery

You can select from images that are already in your library, or you can Upload New. You can title you images here. Select multiples by holding down Shift or Command.

3 Select your images and Gallery Layout

Once you’ve clicked “Create a New Gallery”, you’ll be taken to another screen. Here, you can caption your images and select a gallery pattern (note – you can only select the Carousel Gallery options if you have this plugin, this plugin, or Jetpack installed.

4 Title and Caption your Images


When you click “Insert Gallery” you’re gallery will be set to become publicly viewable after you update the post/page. Here’s what it should look like on the backend:


Here’s How to Edit a Gallery

Hover click the blue box (pictured above) that signifies the existence of your gallery and hover over the top left corner. You’ll see the Edit Gallery Icon appear.


When you click the editor icon, your gallery editor will pop up. You can delete or restyle images in the gallery.


If you look to the left hand side, you’ll note that you can “Add [new images] to Gallery”. Only images that are not currently in the gallery will be available for selection in the editor. You may upload new images here, too.



When you’ve modified and/or added images to your satisfaction, click “add to gallery” at the bottom right to update your gallery. Be sure to update your post also.

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