Create an Addon Domain

cpanel addon domainAn Addon Domain is a web address that you add to your hosting account through cPanel. It is a fully functional domain. In addition to hosting a totally separate website from your main domain, you can send and receive email, forwarders, and more. A hosting account with 1GB of storage space is generally good for two or three WordPress websites. (Eventually, if you add lots of pictures, movies, and stuff, you may need more storage.)

When you create an Addon Domain, all of the necessary records for the internet to hook the domain name to your server will be generated, and, cPanel will create a subfolder on your server where you can store files associated with the domain.

To add another website that uses cPanel Addon Domains:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Go to the Domains section
  3. Click into “Addon Domains”
  4. Enter the domain name that you would like your second website to use
  5. Install WordPress with softaculous or upload your WordPress files via the file manager or FTP into the new folder/domain!

An Addon Domain is different than a subdomain because a subdomain adds a prefix to your main domain. A subdomain looks like

cPanel Documentation on Addon Domains