HootSuite couldn’t find the Facebook page associated with the instagram business profile


  1. Remove Instagram social network. Keep in mind removing social network will delete all Scheduled Messages, as well as prevent Analytics data from gathering, so you may want to export any reports at this time because once the social network is removed and added again, data will start gathering from the new point. This step is optional, but highly recommended.
  2. If Instagram is already Business, go to Instagram app on your mobile then switch to Personal. Log out of app.
  3. Open browser window in your computer > remove Hootsuite from your Business Integrations natively in Facebook (link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_toolsfacebook.com/settings?tab=b… and then re-add it again from Hootsuite’s Dashboard in Step 7.
  4. Open browser window in your computer > go to Facebook Page Settings (at top of page) > on left column find Instagram > click Disconnect (bottom of page).
  5. Now click Log In. This way you can link your Facebook Page to Instagram from the desktop instead of selecting the Page from the Instagram app which sometimes gives an error message saying the Page is already managed, etc.
  6. You will be prompted to switch Instagram to Business. Do so. You may need to put in Contact Information to continue (Email, Phone or Address will work). This contact info will show on Instagram’s Profile Description. Log out of Facebook natively.
  7. Go back to Hootsuite Dashboard in an Incognito/Private browsing window/tab. Reconnect Facebook. Then connect Instagram social network (if removed in Step 1). If not previously removed, then just click here: (link: https://hootsuite.com/dashboard#/instagram-account-overviewhootsuite.com/dashboard#/ins… to enable Direct Publishing.
    1. Click “Setup” in Hootsuite Dashboard
    2. Click on “Authenticate with Facebook” prompt
    3. Error may pop up “We couldn’t find the Facebook Page associated with the xxxx Instagram Business profile”. Please ignore.
    4. Error may pop up “You Must Sign In and allow Hootsuite to integrate with Instagram” * If this is the case, log out of Hootsuite and log back in. Instagram should now be setup.
  8. Setup Video Publishing as well. Click “Setup now!”