Installing WordPress

1. Download the latest WordPress package (download here).

2. Unarchive WordPress. A folder called “WordPress” will be created.

3. Upload the folder that unarchiving created to your server using an FTP client or your hosts FTP manager.

4. If you are going to install WordPress in a subdomain (like, then rename the folder to what you want the subdomain to be called.

If you want wordpress to install in the root (, drag all of the files from within the WordPress folder and drop them into the root.

The reason we upload the folder before taking out the files is that your computer system may automatically hide fies that begin with a “.”, like .htaccess, which are important to the functioning of WordPress. 

5. Now that the files are on your server, navigate to their location with your URL in your web browser (either or You should see a WordPress communication:

Navigate to Your WordPress Install Directory

6. Click “Create A Configuration File.” WordPress will let you know that it will need a database with a user to continue the installation process:

WP Config Needs

7. Get your database name, username, password, and host ready, and click “Let’s Go!”

WP Configuration Page

8. Once you complete the form and “submit,” you’ll simply push through a few pages, creating your first user name and setting your site title, before your CMS is running.