WordPress Multisite Shared Content with ThreeWP Broadcast

WordPress Multisite Shared Content that can be Updated

WordPress Multisite operators often want to create shared and updatable content on their network.

One scenario:

You have several brick-and-mortar stores. Certain content – corporate policy and promotions – applies to every store. Other content – hours, location, staff, inventory – differs for each location.

Every month you run new promotions, but don’t want to go to several different multisite instances to update the promotions page to include new information. Shouldn’t you be able to create the promotions page in one location, syndicate/share/broadcast it to all websites, and then update all locations from the original post thereafter?

Technically – no. WordPress Multisite is not meant to share content across website instances.

But, Edward Plainview at Plainview Plugins from creating ThreeWP Broadcast, which makes updatable WordPress Multisite shared content possible.

Share Content using ThreeWP Broadcast for WordPress

  1. Install and Network Activate ThreeWP Broadcast
  2. Scope out the Admin Settings for ThreeWP Broadcast to be sure that the options are calibrated for your situation.
  3. You will need a parent post to broadcast, as well as a destination site to which to broadcast the parent post. If you don’t already have a destination site setup. Create one using the standard Multisite creation tools or NS Cloner.
  4. Navigate to (what will be) the parent post.
  5. wordpress multisite shared contentLocate the Broadcast Panel created by ThreeWP Broadcast. It’s possible that you’ll need to make the panel visible using ‘Screen Options.’
  6. Under ‘Broadcasting to’ check the box next to each website on your network to which you would like to share the content.
  7. You may wish to enable additional functions, too.
  • Select “Link this post to its Children” to allow changes to the parent post to be broadcast to the child post – title, content, and post status all will be broadcast. Changes to the child page will not affect the parent page. Changes to the child page will be completely overwritten when the parent page is updated next.
  • “Custom fields” will enable custom field data and functions to be broadcasted.
  • “Taxonomies” will enable categories and tags to be broadcasted.
  1. Once you’ve configured your broadcast, check the box and update the post.

 Multisite Shared Content Considerations

This isn’t what WordPress Multisite was intended for. There’s no reason that we shouldn’t toss the rules out of the window – but be aware, there may be some unexpected consequences.

Canonical links are very important for SEO when you’re duplicating content. Fortunately, Edward Plainview has anticipated this, and ThreeWP Broadcast creates canonical links automatically. If you are doing canonical links yourself, you can disable them in ThreeWP Broadcast. Yoast SEO canonical links are automatically disabled if ThreeWP Broadcast is running.

You will need to specify custom post types in most cases. That’s in the ThreeWP Broadcast settings.

You may want to investigate the premium version of ThreeWP Broadcast if you have an advanced WP Setup – it integrates with WooCommerce, Modern Tribe Events Calendar, Views Custom Post Type, Advanced Custom Fields, allows Super Admins to lock content from edit, broadcast and sync of comments, and much more.

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