Using Webmail Email

Webmail Email Setup Quick Guide

This Quickguide covers basic Webmail use: login, password change, viewing emails, and configuring email clients.


1-loginTo access your email, navigate to: will see:

2-WebmailHomeUpon login, you will see the Webmail Dashboard.
3-PasswordResetIf this is your first time logging in, set a new, secure password for your account now, buy clicking “Change Password.”
4-ViewEmailBrowserAfter you reset your password, you can check your emails. There are three email browsers (pictured left) that you could use to view your Webmail email. Horde is the recommended browser.

Sending your Emails Elsewhere

If you want to access your emails at a different email service, you have two choices. They are:

5-ForwardYourEmailsEmail Forwarding.You may click the icon pictured to the left to setup a Webmail email forwarded. You may enter a personal email address on the following screen and save the forwarder. The result will be that emails coming to your company address will automatically be forwarded to your personal/other email address. Please be aware, this option may result in forwarded emails being marked as spam. If you setup a forwarder and do not receive forwarded emails, check your spam folder. If you find that the forwarded emails are being marked as spam, un-spam them.

Also, this option does not allow you to send emails from your company account. You will need to login to Webmail to respond as your company account.

6-ConfigureAlternateDeliveryEmail Client. You may wish to access your emails through an email client like Outlook, Apple Mail, or to another system. Click “Configure Mail Client” to do so.
7-DesktopEmailCleintsAutoIf your email client is supported, you may download a configuration file (pictured left).
8-ManualEmailClientsIf your email client is not supported, you can still use it, but you will have to configure the client manually. If you’re setting up email on any app, iPhone, or Android device, you will need the information from the “Manual Settings” Section on hand.