Using PayPal Add-on for Gravity Forms in WordPress

This tutorial will teach you how to use Gravity Forms to sell a product through WordPress. A follow-up tutorial will show you how to sell digital products using just WordPress, the Gravity Forms Plugin, and the PayPal Add-On.

Let’s kick it off by setting up your PayPal integration. Navigate to: Forms, Add-Ons.

Admin Gravity Forms Addons

If you don’t have a “Forms” tab in your admin panel, make sure the Gravity Forms plugin is activated.

Gravity Forms offers a suite of essential integrations for e-marketers and entrepreneurs. (Don’t see Add-Ons? Email me.) The one that we’re looking for is PayPal. Scroll down to find it. Be sure to read what else is available while you do.

Install the MailChimp Add-on

When you find PayPal, install the Add-On. You may notice the “Add-On” is another plugin.

Configure your PayPal

When your install is successful, you’ll find yourself on the Plugins Page. To continue configuring your sales form, navigate to: Forms, PayPal.

Get the PayPal Add-on for Gravity Forms

You should see this message: To get started, please configure your PayPal settings.

Configure PayPal Addon for Gravity Forms

You can click the link to get to the PayPal page where you can get more information and setup (pictured below). You will need to login to set your IPN.

Set PayPal IPN

PayPal will ask you for a IPN URL. Gravity Forms provides one for you on the setup page. Go ahead and use it, but be aware, having the Gravity Forms URL in place is really optional, as explained by Chris Hajer at Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms sends the correct IPN URL at every from submission rather than using the IPN settings on the PayPal Page.

Importantly, this means that you can use infinite instances of Gravity Forms, or Gravity Forms on infinite different websites, all pointing to the same PayPal account, with no special effort or API programming.

Once you’ve successfully enabled IPN, you should see this (logged into your PayPal account, on

Set PayPal IPN

Now, navigate back to the PayPal tab on your admin in WordPress dashboard. Verify that you have enabled IPN messaging in your PayPal account. You should be able to create a PayPal form now.

Click “add new” at the top or “create one!”

Configure PayPal Addon for Gravity Forms

When you create a PayPal form, you aren’t really “creating a new form” as much as you are layering PayPal fields and integration on top of a standard Gravity Form that you’ve already created.

When you create a PayPal form, you need to set variables.

You will set:

  • the email address to which payment will be made
  • whether this is a production form (taking payments) or a test form (not taking payments)
  • what kind of sales you are making
  • your form (in this example, I’m using the form I made to sell an E-book)
  • and the integrations for that form (matching address fields with address fields, names with names, etc.)

Link your Gravity Form with PayPal Form

Once you’ve read through, and configured all of the fields that relate to your needs, your form will be ready to publish!

Trying to sell a digital product? Do you want your product to be shipped via email on purchase? See here.