WordPress WooCommerce Create Product

 Find the Products Post Type in the WordPress Admin Area. Choose Add Product.
find woocommerce products post type inwordpress admin
There are lots of fields to complete before you post your product. First, complete the product name and description field. The product description will feature below the product image. You may also choose to use the “Short Description” field (not pictured) lower on the admin screen. The Short Description appears to the right of the product image on full-size screens and is used as the description on the shop page.
create woocommerce product name and description
Now you can configure the details of your product. WooCommerce requires an SKU (stock keeping unit) and product price. The SKU is a made-up code that helps you keep track of what item is being ordered. You can enter any value, but each product should have a unique SKU. The price of the product is the amount of money you want to sell it for!
add woocommerce product sku and price
Product Inventory lets you control how many of each product are available on your website. If an item is unique (a single antique chair), you need to enter an inventory of one so that when someone purchases the product, it becomes unavailable to other shoppers. If there are many items (you have 50 t-shirts), you may enter the number of the item that you have.
set woocommerce product size
Shipping allows you to enter the weight and dimensions of the product. Depending on your setup, your WooCommerce installation will calculate the cost of shipping based on the size and weight of the product.
set woocommerce product inventory
Linked Products are products that are similar to the one you are configuring. Linked products show up below the product you are configuring on the live website. Linked products are useful for helping people find things that they will be interested in on your store.
set woocommerce product related products
Attributes are characteristics of your product. Generally, attributes are used when a product is available in variants. For example, t-shirts that are red or blue.
set woocommerce product attributes
The advanced settings allow you to write a note to the product purchaser, set the product menu position, and enable or disable reviews on the product.
set woocommerce product advanced data
To the right hand side on a full-size screen, you will see several more input fields. You can categorize your products. Categories help visitors find things that they are looking for.
cateogrize woocommerce product for navitation
WooCommerce products can feature image galleries. You may upload as many images as you’d like so that visitors can get a good idea of what the product is. WooCommerce allows you to set a featured image for the product. The featured image is very important because it is used in many places on the website, including the shop page and product page.
set featured image and gallery
Once you’re all done inputting this information, just press publish to make your product available on your shop!
publish woocommerce product