E-learning Technology During COVID-19 and Beyond

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Our teenager didn’t quite make it all the way through driver’s training classes before Governor Whitmer ordered Michiganders to shelter in place. In the week prior, schools closed and the driver ed company in many ways felt like the last in-person educational institution left standing in the wake of COVID-19. E-learning isn’t an option for driver’s ed students in Michigan but hopefully, legislators will make an exception soon for situations like a pandemic. In the meantime, teens across the country will simply have to wait a little longer.

Fortunately, for most other sectors, there aren’t regulatory barriers to online learning. Schools, consultants, and coaches have been offering e-learning and video conferencing opportunities for some time.

Now, in a time where social distancing and isolation are requisite, companies and entrepreneurs are beefing up their online learning offerings. In fact, for many, it’s the only way to stay in business and meet students’ and clients’ needs for the foreseeable future.

But, e-learning isn’t a temporary investment. The online learning market share will grow immediately and quickly today, and some learners will never return to traditional learning methods. That means an investment today is not just a short-term one, but one that will result in returns over the long run.

E-learning Technology

E-learning technology utilizes a number of important components that allow websites to offer online curriculum, registration, payment, scheduling, and video conferencing.

  • A Learning Management System (LMS) allows website owners to create an online curriculum that supports multi-media, education tools, and a variety of testing options.
  • Registration software allows users to sign up for classes or workshops.
  • Payment systems allow registrants to pay online.
  • Scheduling software allows users to choose from class offerings and options.
  • Video conferencing allows users to access pre-recorded or live video instruction or coaching.

Online learning for now and the future

From live video conferencing, where registration and scheduling are important; to one-off’s where a user can purchase a pre-recorded video; to a full curriculum with week-by-week sessions and accompanying tests and assignments, e-learning technology can support online instruction in a variety of ways.

As we all adapt to new ways of interacting with the world in both the short and long term, e-learning is sure to be a component that is here to stay. Companies that invest in e-learning during COVID-19 will be able to continue to offer necessary education during a pandemic and also be poised to continue to offer online options in the future.

Boiling Pot Media has been developing e-learning websites for years and we are eager to support businesses develop new ways to stay connected during this time. Are you interested in learning about an e-learning website for your business? Get in touch.

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