Gmail Email Alias with DreamHost

We’ve talked before about the benefits of sending email using your domain by using your email as an alias in gmail.

If you’re using DreamHost you may have run into some trouble configuring your email as an alias in Gmail.

Here’s the method we used for a successful outcome.

Setting Up Gmail Email Alias

Login to your Gmail account and navigate to the Accounts tab under settings. You can reach the settings by clicking the gear on the upper right side of your inbox.

Choose Accounts and Send Mail As and Add Another Email Address You Own

Gmail accounts page under settings.

Under the first heading “Send Mail As”, choose “Add Another Email Address You Own”. You’ll get a mustard popup (pictured).

Your DreamHost Settings

Here are the settings that worked for us, drawn from the DreamHost Wiki. You need to replace “” with your website’s URL. If you’re website is, then you will use instead of

Enter Your SMTP Information from your Host

Gmail alias email popup number one.

UsernameThe full E-Mail Address that you want to use as an alias, such as:
PasswordThe case sensitive password that you set for the Email Address you want to use as an alias.
ProtocolCheck “Secured connection using TLS”.

After entering your SMTP settings, you will be able to name your email account (this will usually be your name, but could also be your business name) and re-enter your email address. Leave “Treat as Alias” checked.

Enter Your Email in the Field

Finally, it’s time to confirm your ownership of your email address! This is the last step before you’re ready to send emails from your account.

All you have to do is login to the webmail service provided by your host to get the confirmation email. When we set up our test account it took 12 hours for the confirmation email from DreamHost to arrive, so be patient.

Youll be asked to prove ownership of the account


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