Graphic Design

A typical Graphic Design Project

[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]1) Understand your Goals[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will meet to interview you about your project. During the interview, we learn about your organization and the goals that you want the project to achieve. We view ourselves as a part of your team and are invested in reaching the goals that we set with you.

After the interview, we will develop a scope of work based on the product, the aesthetic you desire, and additional services – like photography, printing, or content composition – that you may benefit from. We will put all of your needs into a line-item Scope of Work so that you can choose what to purchase.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]2) Wireframe the Design[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will create a wireframe of your project for your review. The wireframe is a simple sketch of the product that helps us all understand how the design structure will help enhance your message, and will define the path that we will follow to complete the design.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]3) Complete the Design[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will take the wireframe do a complete version of the product. You will have the opportunity to discuss the design and work on revisions to ensure that it is exactly what you want.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]4) Finish the Project[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Once the design is complete, we will help you implement the design in a product. We can schedule printing for physical products, or update your website and social media with digital products. [/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]


A Logo Design Project

When developing logos, ‘step two’ looks like the following images. You are seeing the ‘first round’ of logo concepts for two different companies. Generally, we offer a scope of work that includes three rounds of revisions on a fixed price, and unlimited amount of revision for a low hourly rate. We don’t often wind up needing to work more than three rounds of revisions.

[one-half-first]Blue & Bacon Logo Comps[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Specialty Cheesecake Logo Comps[/one-half][clearfix]

Here’s an example of a first-thru-final logo design. First – after meeting with the board of directors of East Side Youth Strong, we went to the studio with a set of values, adjectives, and aesthetics that the organization shared with us. We returned a couple of days later with more than ten logo concepts.

Revision Round One: We sat down with our main contact at the organization after she had a chance to share the logo concepts with her colleagues. The had a strong preference for the bottom-left design. We discussed what they liked and did not like about the design. After taking the logo back to the lab, we returned a simpler, more elegant version.

Revision Round Two: East Side Youth Strong was pretty happy at this juncture. However, they felt it was a shame that there was no indication of humans – or children – in their logo. (They primarily provide youth support services to the Eastside Neighborhood in Kalamazoo.) Earlier in our relationship, we had create this image for one of their publications. They wanted to try to incorporate it.[/one-half-first][vertical-spacer]

Final logo. We didn’t get into an official third round of revisions.