Here’s how to set up WordPress website hosting

A visual representation of hosting

A visual representation of hosting

“Hosting” is the hardware component of having a website. A server, which is the word for “a computer that makes information available to other computers through internet connections,” needs to store the website information and make it available to internet users upon request.

Every website needs a host in order for the website to be visible to the public. Once you’ve purchased a domain name and built the website, it’s time to set up hosting.

What’s in a hosting package?

Hosting packages vary. Look through packages that offer the right amount of storage and bandwidth based on the size of your website (total number of megabytes) and the anticipated number of visits per month.

Here’s what you should expect to find in most packages:

  • At least 6 Gigabytes of data storage
  • Bandwidth that is adequate for at least 10,000 visits per month
  • No-cost Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, which establishes a secure connection between the server and website user (noted as “https” rather than “http” in the URL.)
  • Daily backups, which act as a “save” button that will enable you to restore your website if something corrupts the files or database..
  • The ability to set up an email account associated with your domain name.
  • An unlimited number of databases, which use software (website files) and data (information stored in a database) to render the website.
  • The ability to talk to a support representative via email, online chat, or telephone.

Additional services that will increase the cost of the hosting package, but will also improve your website performance and security include:

  • Integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a group of servers that work to deliver your internet content.
  • Software management – or automated updates of software and plugins.
  • Advanced server-side caching systems to speed up your website.

Set it up:

Once you’ve found the package that works for you, it’s time to set it up. Most hosting websites will walk you through the process, but here’s what to expect:

1. Choose your hosting company. There are a number of recognizable names, such as GoDaddy and HostGator. At Boiling Pot Media, we routinely recommend *SiteGround because of its affordability, its renewable energy match, and its service.

* Disclosure: BPM receives a small kickback for every sign-up from the link, above.

2. Choose your hosting package.

3. Insert your domain name when asked.

4. For hosting services that provide a cPanel access (like Siteground) the Softaculous App is installed and can be used to install WordPress or other website systems, which walks you through the process of setting up the hosting.


That’s it! Your information is now available and ready to be seen.


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