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We’re all about setting you up with a website that you can use easily, that will do all of the things that you need it to do. Our passion is sharp design, clever development, and comprehensive integration. We want to nail down the look that represents you; functionality that makes your work easier; and achieve cross-platform, cross-device, social optimization.

We develop in WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System – it is one of the most popular CMS’ in the world. It is used by the largest corporations and smallest companies.

WordPress allows for a highly customized website, from the broad brush strokes to finite details, every pixel and function can be orchestrated by a code composer. WordPress also makes it a breeze for non-coders to post and update content, media, products, events, online courses, webinars, video, and more. It’s a lot like modifying text documents on your hard drive.

Best of all, Worpdress is open-source. The platform is constantly being improved by hundreds of bright, community-minded developers. Frequent, free updates to the platform mean that the CMS is secure and highly optimized.

Our Services

[wptabtitle]Web Development[/wptabtitle]

Web Development

Web Development refers building or enhancing the function of a website to make it work and look exactly the way that you want.

Content Management System

We offer a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the owner to easily modify the site – this is ideal for most web owners, as it allows them to save heaps of money over the long run. And, with a CMS, your content can be searchable, sortable, and indexed, which will boost your pagerank on searches and improve your users’ ability to get what you are offering.


E-commerce offers the ability to:

  • Accept donations
  • Sell items (a bumper sticker or a webinar that you created)
  • Host a complete inventory of thousands of products with a cart-based checkout system
  • Calculate current shipping rates with your favorite company
  • Issue fulfillment orders to your distributor
  • Retain contact information from your customers

We offer e-commerce at a scale and cost that fits your needs.


With a backend system designed to look beautiful on the front end, you can easily post your events online. This optimization allows users to RSVP, purchase tickets, and has the ability to restrict the number of tickets to be sold. Contact data from registrants can be automatically gathered and added to your email list at MailChimp or Constant Contact.


Having a well integrated Social Media system is essential to engaging with and growing your audience.

  • Share tools allow users to conveniently share your content on their preferred network.
  • Integrate Social Media follow tools allow users to track your activity.
  • Automate Social Media posts to some or all networks so that you don’t have to spend the time logging into each obscure social network every time you release new content.

Slideshows, Galleries, and Lighboxes

Get current media – video, image, audio – from your latest works, and easily present that media in a unique, striking way with styled galleries and frames.

Restricted Content

Create a members-only area…

  • for your employees, where they can safely share files;
  • for your clients, so that your copyrighted content can only be reached by those who you’ve invited;
  • for your community, so you can each share equally in developing ideas.

Capture Leads

Set yourself up with a site that converts readers to leads through careful subscription placement.

Custom Functions

Maybe you have a vision for a brand new function, or have seen another site host a feature that works for what you are trying to do. JRyven Web Design will make it happen. Talk to us about it!

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[wptabtitle]Graphic Design[/wptabtitle]

Graphic Design

Logos, menu’s, social media branding packages, business cards, letterhead, brochures, advertisements, signs, and more. JRyven Web Design will deliver custom graphics to accomplish your branding goals.
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Website Hosting

All of our plans offer unlimited POP3/IMAMP mail accounts, email forwarders, sub-domains, addon domains, MySQL databases, 24/7 technical support, AND peace of mind for those with a green conscience: we purchase Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) offsets for 150% of the energy our hosting products consume.

$5 per month | small hosting package | includes 1 GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth.
$10 per month | medium hosting package | includes 5 GB in size and 100 GB of bandwidth.
$20 per month | large hosting package | includes 15 GB in size and 300 GB of bandwidth
$30 per month | super hosting package | includes 25 GB in size and 500 GB of bandwidth

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Active Maintenance and Data Security

First – lets agree on a few things about WordPress, where it comes from, and how it stays current: 

WordPress is an open-source software. The WordPress community members work really hard to keep WordPress an above-the-grade Content Management System. As such, every few weeks, an update is issued to ensure that your website is optimized for the ever-changing internet and secure from malicious scripts and individuals.

On top of that, WordPress extensions (themes and plugins) are developed by individual entrepreneurs and companies, and also get updated regularly to ensure proper function and security.

Okay. Now, how do we update?

Notices that updates are available appear right in your WordPress website, and to make updates, all that you need to do is click the button.

But, hold on!

Keeping up-to-date and keeping your site functioning is not necessarily as easy as that.

When you update to the latest version of WordPress, changes to WordPress may create new conflicts with your theme or some plugin that didn’t exist before (or updating a theme or plugin may cause conflicts that didn’t exist before). Your WordPress database may become corrupt. Your site may will suddenly require PHP version 5.5, when your server is configured to run PHP version 5.4. Perhaps something else will be the matter and your WordPress installation will fail.

Your visitors are seeing a white screen, or 505 error message when they try to access your site. Now what do you do? You have to pay someone to probably, but not certainly resolve the issue without data loss. They may charge up to $60 per hour, and will not necessarily be able to tell you how many hours it’s going to take.

This is a challenging crisis to budget for. Really, though, you’re smart enough that you should never wind up in a bind like this. Using the right precautions and having the right systems in place will protect you from the uncertainty.

Protect your Website – $100 per year.

We will take a complete, daily backup (backups saved for 10 days) of your WordPress website files and database and store it in a remote, secure location.

If a critical issue ever arose after you updated your site, we could easily restore your site.

Protect Your Entire System – $130 per year.

We will take a daily backup of your entire cPanel account (Backups older than one week old will be deleted). Your emails, email settings, domain configurations, website files, databases, cron jobs, FTP accounts, … everything related to your website, will be protected.

If your cPanel account were ever compromised, we could very quickly re-establish your website and cPanel in a new location. This investment largely targets MultiSite users and users that rely heavily on CPanel functions for site operation.

Active-Maintenance and Data Security Package – $225 per year.

We will

  • take a complete, daily backup (backups saved for 10 days) of your WordPress website files and database and store it in a remote, secure location.
  • update your website core and plugins bi-weekly
  • optimize your database bi-weekly
  • test for security breaches bi-weekly

We will do this work by creating an off-line version of your site every time we update to test before working on your production site. If there are no conflicts (the site updates and works fine) we would follow through with updates to your production site.

If, however, updating resulted in the test site breaking, we would work to identify the conflict and notify you of the issue and cause. Using this test site tactic, we can keep your site in great shape without risking downtime or lost data.

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Content Composition

Blog posts, page content, product descriptions, terms and condition statements, facebook posts, and tweets are all content that can be really challenging to start out on. Through interviews, dialogue, and research, JRyven Web Design can set you up with bedrock content that will contribute to a high pagerank and demonstrate your authority in your field.
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[wptabtitle]WP Education[/wptabtitle]

WordPress Education

We offer one on one consultation and education for learning WordPress Users or Developers. We can answer your questions via chat, skype, hangout, email, or telephone call. If you are in our geography, we can sit down with you at your office.

Our Education service provides individual instruction relating to issues that you are experiencing and written tutorials, for you to keep, with detailed accounts of the steps required to accomplish your goal, including screenshots of the WP admin screen for easy reference.

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