How Businesses Can Benefit from a CRM System

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an organizing and marketing tool. CRM’s help businesses and organizations manage their client databases, track website users’ behavior, and maintain client relationships. For non-profits CRM’s are useful for managing large databases of donors and members, scheduling events, and selling tickets.

CRM’s can free up what used to be hands-on maintenance of databases. The tool is capable of automating, streamlining, and customizing things like membership purchases and renewals, address changes and updates, event-scheduling, ticket sales, and lead tracking.

CRM’s are customizable

Identifying customer relationships and building networks could help you reach out more meaningfully to contacts over time. CRM’s allow you to do things like take information from a contact form and move it into a database as a lead. As the lead becomes a client and the status changes again, the outreach can be customized to yet another database group.

Marketing and communication efforts are more targeted and effective with CRM systems.

CRM’s support our values

Our team loves building websites with CRM’s. It’s exciting to support businesses and organizations that want to capitalize on their website’s full capabilities and features.

Democratizing access is one of Boiling Pot Media’s core values. Setting up CRM’s for clients offers us an opportunity to further empower website owners with the tools to confidently manage their websites and databases.

CiviCRM is a platform that we choose for WordPress because:

  • It is open-source and free.
  • While most CRM’s have access to customers’ data, CiviCRM does not go into a proprietary database.
  • A website owner that uses CiviCRM maintains control of their customer’s private data.

Whether you need simple database management or a complicated system with multiple branches of tracking, CRMs can be a powerful automation tool. Depending on what you want to do with a CRM, the learning curve can be steep. But most companies find that investing the time in learning the system is worthwhile.


Boiling Pot Media has experience building websites that integrate with CRMs. If you need a Client Relationship Management tool, get in touch. We’d love to discuss how a CRM could benefit your business or organization. 

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