Make a Post in WordPress

There are several different ways that you can create a new post.

When you use any of the methods (below), this is what’s happening (warning, we’re just nerding-out with this list, skip it if you’re feeling pragmatic) :

  • You are sending your computer to “” ( that’s right, you can add /wp-admin/post-new.php to your navigation bar in order to make a new post if you want! )
  • When you set a title for the post, if pretty permalinks are enabled, a unique permalink is created. If not, the unique post number that all posts are assigned is used.
  • When you hit “Save as Draft” or “Publish” the post is officially entered into your WordPress Database. ( Unofficially, it may be entered by a WordPress Autosave. )
  • When you go back to edit a post that has been saved, you edit the entry URL rather than /post-new.php.

Buttons to Click to Create Posts

Add a post from the “front” of the site, when logged in.


Add a post from the “back” of the site, when logged in.


Add a new post using the Posts –> Add New button on the Dashboard.


Add a new post using the Posts –> All Posts | Add Post button on the Dashboard/All Posts page.


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