James Valeii

From tinker toys and legos to pneumatic nail guns and dimensional lumber, James has always enjoyed building. Website development joins nuts-and bolts construction experience with kinetic information transmissions and transformations.

James’ attraction to organize things in space and ideas in compositions led to his formal instruction in Rhetoric and Writing at Western Michigan University. In addition to his preoccupation with creating order, James enjoys creative exploration. Through gesture sketching, ink wash, and poetry and prose, he explores ideas in his free time.

As the founder of Boiling Pot Media, James contributes overall campaign strategy as well as web development to our projects. He writes HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and javascript. Prior to BPM, he served as a LISC AmeriCorps Development Director for the Vine Neighborhood Association and co-founded Kalamazoo Collective Housing. James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and English from Western Michigan University.