Save Over $1K When Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked or Crashes

backup wordpress hack recovery

When a WordPress Website becomes compromised, the first two things to think about are (1) how it will get cleaned up and (2) when it site will be online again.

If there is a major corruption in the database or website files, it will take dozens of hours over days and weeks for WordPress hack recovery to be complete. In order to un-hack a website, a technician will need to ensure that all of the files and entries are free from script injections.

WordPress websites have well over 2,000 files and just as many database entries. That’s a lot of code to scan.

In addition to restoring, a technician doing WordPress hack recovery will need to identify and fix the vulnerability that was exploited to gain entry to the website.

In a 2013 study funded by HP, the Phenomenon Institute found that on average, it takes one month to resolve the issues that arise after a major security breach, and many companies post losses of over one million dollars after their security breach is resolved.

Do The Math Correctly

Maybe not all website operators would have to spend more than $1K to solve their issue. And clearly, not most website operators would have a $999K in losses. But, consider this equation:

cost of repair services + lost-traffic damages + lost sales + lost trust = actual cost of hack

What’s going to happen if your site goes offline for a week? ( Let alone four! )

Are all of your customers going patiently wait? Are they going to find someone else to order from? If they have subscriptions to your website, will they demand refunds? When you reopen, will they feel safe?

How are you going to repair your SEO after your website gets hundreds of 404’s while it’s offline? What are you going to do if you get blacklisted by Norton or Google?

If you don’t have a security strategy and a plan to restore your website quickly, the overall loss could cripple your business.

So – how do you save more than $1K when your website gets hacked or crashes?

Back it up before a crisis.

The fastest WordPress hack recovery technique is to restore an earlier, un-hacked version of your website. With a good backup program in place, your website can be hack free and running a few minutes. You will still need to determine what the hack was and how to prevent it from reoccurring, but that work may be easy. And it can be done knowing WordPress hack recovery is already complete.

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