Selling Digital Products Using just the PayPal Add-on and Gravity Forms in WordPress

This tutorial starts with the assumption that you’ve already got a form set up for your product, and that it has a PayPal Add-On form layered.


Here’s how to setup a Gravity Forms / PayPal Add-On setup that will allow you to sell a digital product from your WordPress Website so that your product is automatically shipped via Email when you receive payment via PayPal (not before).

Navigate to your product form to edit the notifications settings. Create a new e-mail notification – call it whatever you’d like. This will be an email that will be sent to your customer. They will not see the form name.

Create a Purchase-Made Notification

Set the “Send to” field to email the customer by choosing “Select a Field” , and “Email” (pulls the email that the customer inputs into the form). Note that your form should require an email address to use this technique.

Fill in the other fields as appropriate – the Email From Name, From Email, Reply To Email, Subject, and Email Body are all important elements for ensuring that your email doesn’t get trash-canned by your customers Spam Filters and for presenting professionally.

To send them your digital product, select the Media Uploader and upload your product yo your website. Then, insert the product link into the form so that email recipients can download it from your website. 

When you save your Notification, you should see it in the Notifications panel.

Create a Purchase-Made Notification

Now, navigate to the PayPal Add-On form that you created associated with this product. At the bottom of the form, there is a checkbox to enable notifications. Select “Send notifications only when payment is received” and then check box next to the notification that you just created.

Activate the Purchase-made notification

When a customer fills out your form, and payment is successfully received at your PayPal account, the customer will receive the notification email that you configured and they can download your product.

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