Content Development

[tile class=”one-half first”]The internet has become the principal way that many people seek service providers and products, and solidly written content matters. Search engines, like Google, want to help people find high quality websites. So they use filter algorithms to prioritize new, original, and properly formatted content that is optimized with relevant keywords.[/tile]

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Writing is a critical way to share who you are and build a relationship with your audience.


Hiring a writer means that you will have professionals working with you to craft the best possible content to meet your goals. You can stay focused on other aspects of your job knowing that you will have a fresh, targeted message to share with your audience that will also meet the specifications that search engines have for highly ranked content.

We Have It

Whether you need effective website pages, blog posts, staff or musician biographies, brochures and leaflets, product descriptions, or something else, we are equipped to compose the language that you need.

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We are experienced content strategists – we can outline the content that you need to create to get your message heard.[/tile]

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We are skilled at interviewing, researching, and composing content that has the right pace and structure to reach your target audience.[/tile]

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We have the tools to publish and distribute content in print or digital form.[/tile]

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We evaluate and report the impact of the content that we produce with tracking and analytics software.[/tile]


What clients say

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Content Team

When you contact us, you’ll be connecting with real people. AND you will be connecting with the people that are doing the work.


Kathi is our lead writer and social media expert, developing and executing communications campaigns. In addition to content marketing, Kathi is also a journalist and essayist, whose work has been featured in the NYT, Rolling Stone, CityLab, Pacific Standard, ESPN, and dozens of other publications.


James is the administrative contact for the department and heads up project evaluation. He has a degree in English – Rhetoric and Writing for Print and Digital Publication. James has been providing advanced web services since 2010.


How it Works

We would like to become a part of your marketing strategy at every level. A big part of successfully writing for you is being able to write as a member of your organization. Most of the clients that we work with come back again and again.

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[three-fourths]Contact us using the form below, [click-call number=”269-601-1474″ text=”or call”]. We will discuss the scope of your content project, and develop a proposal based on your requirements.[/three-fourths]
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[three-fourths]All of our proposals have two phases – Trial and Implementation. The trial phase is a small segment that we execute first, to ensure that we can meet your needs.[/three-fourths]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]3) Implementation Phase[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]The Implementation Phase includes the development and deployment of the remaining project scope, including analytic tools to measure impact.[/three-fourths]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]4) Evaluation[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]After the project is complete, we will develop a report for you that illustrates the project’s impact.[/three-fourths][clearfix]


Let’s start taking. Contact us using the form below, or [click-call number=”269-601-1474″ text=”call James”].