Custom Website Design

The internet is saturated with websites. Users determine what organizations and companies they trust almost as soon as the homepage opens on their computer. Every visitor on your site is a prospective client meeting. How are you dressed?
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To get an edge on your market – your website has to be on point.

Each of our websites is unique, attractive, and constructed in a way that will drive visitors to take the desired action. [click-call number=”269-601-1474″ text=”Give us a call”] or scroll down to contact us via email.

How we work

[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]1) Understand your Goals[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will meet to interview you in depth. We learn about your organization, and the goals that you hope to achieve with your new website. We want to understand you and your organization so that we can get the best possible result. We view ourselves as a part of your team and are invested in reaching the goals that we set with you.

After the interview, we will expect to understand the aesthetic you desire, functions you need, and additional services – like photography, logo design, or content composition – that you may benefit from. We will put all of your needs into a line-item Scope of Work so that you can choose what to purchase.

[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]2) Design the Site[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Once we have interviewed you, we will be prepared to design and create a visual mock-up, or comp, of your new website for your review. We will make revisions on the website based on your feedback, ensuring that you get a design that you love.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]3) Build the Site[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will take the completed design and code a fully functional website. Building the website includes populating the website with images and content. [/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]4) Complete the Project[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Once the website is complete, we will review the site with you and make additional revisions. When you are ready, we will help you make the website ‘live.’ We will train you on how to use the website, or get you set up with a support plan, if you prefer to have us make changes for you. [/three-fourths][clearfix][vertical-spacer]

What we use

We hand-code HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, javascript, and MySQL – so, we can basically do everything.

wordpressWe build most websites with WordPress. WordPress allows the owners to easily modify the website without coding. Importantly, WordPress is highly extendable. Functionality can be added to WordPress long after the website is initially created, making it possible for the site to grow and change to meet future needs.


We have made websites that do a lot of different things. Here’s some general functions that we can provide. If you’re looking for something that’s not on the list, [click-call number=”269-601-1479″ text=”call James”].

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Capture Leads

Set yourself up with a site that converts readers to leads through careful subscription placement.

DocBox Websites (Dropbox-Like website)

Maintain an online drag and drop file exchange system. Restrict access to files by user. Allow your team to share a system of common files. Allow your clients to upload files to private folders so that you can easily get and send content to them.

Distributed Content System (DCS)

DCS is a syndication system that automates cross-platform posting, wringing all of the value out of the content you create. If you post on Facebook, your website will automatically capture it and turn it into a Blog post, and vice versa. Read more about DCS.


  • Accept donations
  • Sell items (a bumper sticker or a webinar that you created)
  • Host a complete inventory of thousands of products with a cart-based checkout system
  • Calculate current shipping rates with your favorite company
  • Issue fulfillment orders to your distributor
  • Retain contact information from your customers
  • We offer e-commerce at a scale and cost that fits your needs.

E-Leanring Websites

Publish courses that users can pay to take, or take for free. Courses can be broken down into many lessions with multiple topics. At the end of sections of the course users can take interactive quizes, good scores can unlock achievements, certificates, and more.

Event Management

With a backend system designed to look beautiful on the front end, you can easily post your events online. This optimization allows users to RSVP, purchase tickets, and has the ability to restrict the number of tickets to be sold. Contact data from registrants can be automatically gathered and added to your email list at MailChimp or Constant Contact. The calendar can automatically post events fed from an ics feed – like Google Calendars.


Capture customer and client emails via webforms and other tools. Then, create beautiful HTML email newsletters to keep them abreast of what you are doing. If you want to save time, we can talk about configuring an RSS-based newsletter that will automatically generate a newsletter comprised of the posts that you make on your website. Read more about newsletters

Paid Membership Websites

Paid membership websites can accomplish a lot of goals. If you run a local club and are tired of tracking dues – we can develop a paid membership website that will allow all of your members to purchase and renew their memberships online so that you can just access the website to see who is up on their payment. Or, you can sell access to your website. If you have special knowledge or experience to share, you can have people pay to be able access the content of the website.

Restricted Content

Create a members-only area…

  • for your employees, where they can safely share files;
  • for your clients, so that your copyrighted content can only be reached by those who you’ve invited;
  • for your community, so you can each share equally in developing ideas.

Social Media Sharing

Having a well integrated Social Media system is essential to engaging with and growing your audience.

  • Share tools allow users to conveniently share your content on their preferred network.
  • Integrate Social Media follow tools allow users to track your activity.
  • Automate Social Media posts to some or all networks so that you don’t have to spend the time logging into each obscure social network every time you release new content.

Social Media Networks

Build a place for an online community with a website that works like Facebook. Users can follow, instant message, post to their wall, view each others wall, do more than that – or less.

Slideshows, Galleries, and Lightboxes

Get current media – video, image, audio – from your latest works, and easily present that media in a unique, striking way with styled galleries and frames.

User Forums

If you have a community that wants to support each other by sharing information via forums, let’s make a forum. Users can be required to pay to have access to the forum.

Custom Functions

Maybe you have a vision for a brand new function, or have seen another site host a feature that works for what you are trying to do. JRyven Web Design WordPress Development will make it happen. Talk to us about it!

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