MailChimp is an affordable, high quality service for delivering professional emails and newsletters with clean visual designs. It offers an extremely simple solution to staying in touch with your [clients, customers, members, etc].

The basic service is free, and for most small organizations the free version offers all of the features you’ll need. If your mailing list grows beyond 2000 addresses, or if you decide to integrate advanced features, you can upgrade for a small monthly fee. You can learn more about features and pricing here.

We recommend that you consider using MailChimp as a powerful marketing tool. Of course, there are many other email services, and we work with them as well. However, most of the other services have a fee for all users.

Here’s what it would look like:


Boiling Pot Media will:

  • create your MailChimp account and share the login with you.
  • create your email list by adding your contacts.
  • create a signup form for you website and place it on your website.
  • create a mobile responsive (works on phones and computer screens) email template with your logo and branding.

Result: You’re building a list of email addresses in your Mailchimp account, and you’re ready with a professional email template to use whenever you need it!


The Phases could be done at the same time, or at different times. One reason to undertake the first Phase now, rather than later, is that you can start growing your email list now so that it’s ready later. Another reason is, if you have a system setup now, and know it’s waiting for you, it will be less intimidating to incorporate it into your workflow than if you have to imagine building it to use it.


Mailchimp offers different options for generating engaging email campaigns for your contacts:

User-created emails using your pre-made template.

Result: You’re sending nice-looking mass emails through MailChimp. You can share access to MailChimp with others on your team, so they can collaborate and create emails, too.

Create an RSS-to-Email Campaign that automatically gathers new content from your website and sends it out as a newsletter.

Result: You and your staff or volunteers only need to create blog posts for your website, and MailChimp will take that content and manage your smart-looking email newsletter on its own.