Evaluation and Analytics

We can help you understand what the impact of your web activity.

Setting Goals

Everyone understands that the internet is the best place to share your message. Everyone also understands that the internet is a noisy, chaotic place, and it is hard to get heard.

The trick is to define what you want to accomplish when you share your message, and craft your message and broadcasting system around that objective.

We can work with you to figure out your goals, define your message, and configure your system.

Configuring Analytics

There are a lot of tools for measuring the performance of your website and social media activity. Every tool has lots of configuration options and data output. The learning curve is daunting.

We can take the goals that you’ve defined, and configure your tracking tools to better evaluate if you are meeting those goals. We can distill large, unfiltered analytics reports down to the essential data, and explain what is happening with your website activities and why.

This information helps us make better decisions about how to meet your goals in the future.