Graphic Design

Our graphic design service will help your organization share your message effectively. Graphic design is using graphics elements and text to communicate an idea. It delivers a message in a more effective way than text alone. Graphic design can be simple enhancements that make a document more interesting to look at – and easier to keep reading – or it can be a complex illustration that makes a poster vibrant, catching eyes from across the room.


The products that we design are carefully constructed to develop your brand,
capture attention, and help bring viewers to the point of your message.

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Brand Identity is strengthened by cohesive design. At-a-glance recognition is achieved when your website, letterhead, business cards, and other public materials have complimentary graphic elements.
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Trust between you and your clients builds more quickly when you look authoritative. Whether you are a mechanic or doctor – having comprehensive design for your professional materials lets everyone know you that mean business.
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Memorable brands have the right mix of purpose and presentation. We can help you find perfect alignment with your organizational goals and the way you bring your message to the world.

How We Work

[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]1) Understand your Goals[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will meet to interview you about your project. During the interview, we learn about your organization and the goals that you want the project to achieve. We view ourselves as a part of your team and are invested in reaching the goals that we set with you.

After the interview, we will develop a scope of work based on the product, the aesthetic you desire, and additional services – like photography, printing, or content composition – that you may benefit from. We will put all of your needs into a line-item Scope of Work so that you can choose what to purchase.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]2) Wireframe the Design[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will create a wireframe of your project for your review. The wireframe is a simple sketch of the product that helps us all understand how the design structure will help enhance your message, and will define the path that we will follow to complete the design.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]3) Complete the Design[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]We will take the wireframe do a complete version of the product. You will have the opportunity to discuss the design and work on revisions to ensure that it is exactly what you want.[/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]4) Finish the Project[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Once the design is complete, we will help you implement the design in a product. We can schedule printing for physical products, or update your website and social media with digital products. [/three-fourths][vertical-spacer]


What clients say

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The Team

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James is the administrative contact for the department and heads up project evaluation. He has a BSc in Geography and English; Rhetoric and Writing for Print and Digital Publication. James has been providing advanced web services since 2010.

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Simon does Graphic Design. He has worked with Boiling Pot Media since 2015. Simon brings an intelligent aesthetic approach to our products, and has a tuned sense for designing materials that meet the goals of the client and their audience. Simon graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA in 2011.


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This is a partial list of products that use Graphic Design that we can produce.

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[one-fourth-first]Annual Report[/one-fourth-first]
[one-fourth]CD Cover[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Business Card[/one-fourth]