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The more you put into social media marketing, the more you get out of it. It’s a lot like getting interest on your savings in the bank. If you only keep a few dollars in savings, you’re not going to gain much in interest. If you make one or two posts a year, the impact is not going to be very impressive. That’s because social media platforms use algorithms that make certain things more likely to turn up in users newsfeed. There are three primary factors that make posts likely to be seen:

[tile title=”Newness” class=”one-third first” padding=”7px” border=”1px solid #ccc” align=”center” background=”#A7D49E”]

Content that is posted within a day or two is eligible to be seen.[/tile]

[tile title=”Being Multimedia” class=”one-third” padding=”7px” border=”1px solid #ccc” align=”center” background=”#A7D49E”]

Images and videos are more likely to be seen and shared.[/tile]

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Posts that have interactions (comments, likes, etc) are seen by more people.[/tile][clearfix]

Our social media management services are designed to grow your online brand recognition by keeping your social media accounts current, dynamic, and interactive. We will help you establish trusting relationships with people online and increase awareness of your brand.

What We Do

[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]1) Develop a Strategy[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Contact us using the form below, [click-call number=”269-601-1474″ text=”or call James”]. We will discuss your goals, and develop a strategy to reach them.[/three-fourths]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]2) Create Content[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Once we have defined your goals and tactics to reach them, we will start creating content and posting it on social media accounts.[/three-fourths]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]4) Interact[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]Very importantly, when the content receives comments and other interactions, we will respond. We will keep you in the loop by forwarding important messages and ideas to you.[/three-fourths]
[one-fourth-first class=”yellow-underline”]5) Evaluate[/one-fourth-first]
[three-fourths]As your posts go up, we will monitor them to evaluate their performance. Using our analytics, we will be able to determine what tactics worked best for your campaign, and use them again.[/three-fourths]

What clients say

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What you get.

[tile class=”one-fourth first” align=”center” animate=”fadeIn”]Increased traffic flow to social media platforms.[/tile]
[tile class=”one-fourth” align=”center” animate=”fadeIn”]Increased social media interactions.[/tile]
[tile class=”one-fourth” align=”center” animate=”fadeIn”]Increase traffic to website.[/tile]
[tile class=”one-fourth” align=”center” animate=”fadeIn”]Increase the amount of time clients spend on your website.[/tile]

In Greater Detail

The Price is Right
Social Media use and Social Media Advertising are the most cost effective ways to reach an audience. Can you imagine putting up a billboard each time you complete a great project? Being active on Social Media and using Social Media Advertising lets you do just that, but at a much lower cost.
People are there
Many grandparents hop on Facebook to checkup on family. Most teenagers can barely look away from Instagram. And the rest of the market falls somewhere in between. You need to be there, too, in order to become familiar to them.
People can refer you
Most people decide to trust an organization or company that a friend recommends. Often, referrals happen on social media. Having a presence and being active on Social Media means that you will be able connect to prospective customers.
People can meet you.
If you interact with visitors on Social Media, you are more likely to build trust with them. The more people interact with you, the more likely it is your posts will show up on their wall (because of the algorithms!) and, the more likely their friends will see your posts, too.
People can search you.
Not everyone uses a search engine like Google to find out about a company, or search for a product. Many people start on Facebook or other Social Media platforms and search for a company there. Companies that have well developed social media accounts with engaging content will be more likely to see visitors convert to customers.

Social Media Team


Kathi has been working with social media platforms professionally for five years, learning the ropes when her blog exploded in popularity on social media. Since that time, she has taken on management of accounts from various fields with success. As a writer, Kathi knows how to target communication to an audience, create captivating and shareable content, interact with social media users, and analyze their results.


Let’s start taking. Contact us using the form below, or [click-call number=”269-601-1474″ text=”call James”].