Using publishing strategies to get clicks to your website

In publishing, “hed’s” and “dek’s” are strategically used to try to get you to click over to a story for a deeper read. A Hed, short for headline, is used to catch your attention – get you to click over to a website. Ultimately the job of the headline is to act as bait to get readers intrigued enough to click over, thus the term, “clickbait.” The dek is a sentence or short paragraph, under the headline, that summarizes the gist of the article a little more completely, again with the hopes of getting readers to click on over.

If you’re a website owner, you can learn from these publishing strategies as you consider ways to get clicks to your website. Remember that when you create website content, the goal of that content should be to get traffic to your site. So, be careful about how much of that content you share outside of that space, and take special care in selecting the snippets and headlines that will lure potential readers in to read the rest.

A good way to build an email campaign is to (1) create a blog post on your website (2) create an email campaign (3) populate the campaign with your website content – but only include about 1/3 or less of the web content in the email itself (4) end with a link to the whole post.

Reading a small portion of a compelling post then clicking over to finish the rest could be the difference between a reader and supporter. Plus ISP’s (internet search providers) can find and index all of the posts on your website. The more content you have, the more often your website will have a chance of returning internet searches.

Putting all of your content into emails is a no-no, but strategically using some of that content to pique enough interest to garner lots of click-overs is a great big YES.

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