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You know that you can get something from having a website.

As a shop, lead generator, or billboard, your website will bring income. As your journal, portfolio, or resume, a website will spread word of your work. It is a demonstration that you have something to say. It is your voice.

You don’t want just any website. The website that you want uses current technology. It functions in ways that make everyday work easier. And it is able to grow to meet your changing needs and goals.

A JPro website is like a John Deere tractor. It’s tough, rugged, and a little bit luxurious. Maybe you are starting your first blog, or are a seasoned e-commerce vet – either way, you want a solid machine.

About the JPro Website Builder

You can see what the JPro Website Builder builds in advance:

Whenever you wish, you can jump to step two to check out our themes.

The JPro Web Builder builds websites like ours.

The JPro Website Builder is a quality-criteria driven website package.

When you are out to buy a car, you shop based on the characteristics that you want your car to have. If you want heated seats, you go to the lot and ask to be shown cars with heated seats.

Buying a website should be the same. You have to know what you want.

Below you can learn about the technology that goes into a JPro Website Builder website. But first, here’s what’s at the heart of every JPro site.

When we set out to build a better website, we started by describing our ideal.

We envisioned a site that is lean, persistent, extendable, and reduces the office workload.

Once we had a goal, we determined the criteria that we had to satisfy if we were to meet the goal:

Criteria for our website:

Helpful makes everyday work easier

Extendable can be enhanced to perform more tasks

Secure uses the latest coding technology and software

The Right Features is lean, with important and useful functions

High Performance is fast, stable, and updatable

Usability has simple layout, clean user interface

Persistence is built on technology that will stay supported

The JPro Website Builder creates websites that satisfy all of the criteria above. Read on for more information.

JPro Website Builder is easy to use.

Step #1 You have already started. Read this page. It explains everything. To see our products, go to the bottom of this page and click to browse our themes as live websites.

Step #2 Purchase your account.

Step #3 On your new account, complete your Web Builder Profile. The information and style preferences that you provide will help us customize your website.

Once you submit your Web Builder Profile we will complete your website and send login credentials for you. Generally orders are fulfilled within two days.

JPro Advantages

Save time by skipping the basics.

We configure WordPress for you.

You can use a one-click WordPress installer on almost any hosting package (including our hosting!). That is easy and fast. But if you do not already know how to configure your site, you will spend hours or days just trying to get things presentable. If you use the JPro Web Builder, the basic configurations will be complete when receive your website, so that you can start using the site.

The JPro Website Builder includes limited custom setup.

You will be able to specify a color scheme for your website by hand-picking the dominant, complimentary, and highlight colors for the theme. Or you can have us coordinate the colors of the site to complement your logo, if provided.

In addition, when you receive your website, we will have pre-configured the majority of the functions and branding for you.

All of the following will be setup:

  • Permalinks
  • Site name and tagline
  • Contact information page
  • Social media follow tools (if you provide your Social Media URLs)
  • Site logo (if you provide a logo)
  • Analytics scripts (if you provide them)

Save HEAPS OF TIME finding extensions.

We research, test, and select plugins that are the most versatile, have the best user experience, consume the least resources, and are securely coded. When you go JPro Website Builder, you choose faster, more stable, and more intuitive technology, and skip the research.

The JPro Website Builder includes many customizations and premium systems that will make your website compete with the best.

JPro Costs

The JPro Website Builder motto is “Pro websites for everybody.”

We offer two website packages, the JPro Basic and the JPro Premium.

High Speed Hosting
Advanced Security
Software Management
Automated Data Backups
One Domain Name
WordPress CMS
Genesis Theme Framework
Complete Blog Function
Infinite Pages
Post any Media Files (from Images to PDFs)
Social Media Share Buttons with Counter
Social Media Follow Buttons
Automatic XML Sitemap
Advanced, Live SEO Guide
Easy Hookup with Google Analytics
Automatic Image Optimization
Automatic Database Optimization
Automatic Server-Side Cacheing
Testimonial Manager
Email Accounts 35

One SSL Certificate
Basic Ecommerce
User Forms, Polls, Quizzes, and more.
Event Management
Paid Memberships

PRICE $115/6mo$155/6mo

The JPro Website Builder Technology

There are dozens of CMSs and proprietary platforms. Why WordPress?

WORDPRESSCore WP installs have the right features and the right functions for any website. Extensions allow you to add features and functions, so your website only loads what you use, but is never confined by restrictions that other Content Management Systems face.

For example, a less popular CMS may not have the integrations that you desire, so you will have to pay more to have a developer set it up from scratch. And a proprietary CMS may use unconventional coding, so if you ever leave the developer that created the website, you will need to pay extra to have another developer learn how the code works.

43% of websites use WordPress. That’s 1.3 billion websites. The huge volume of users means that WordPress gets great feedback on usability (and is a testament to its usability).

WordPress is Open Source, which is one of the many reasons that it will exist for years. Hundreds and thousands of innovators are constantly working to improve it.

There are thousands of WordPress Themes. Why Genesis?

GENESISThe Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress is powerful, light, adaptable, and secure. It uses advanced and efficient coding that ensures quick load times. In addition, Genesis provides infrastructure customization that most other themes can’t, including Search Engine Optimization, HTML5 & responsive design, security though defensive coding, stable core updates, and light, nimble coding. Turnkey design optimizations include Widgetized content homepages, customizable theme options, and image size management.

What puts the JPro Website Builder above the rest?

WordPress Security on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderSecurity

JPro websites are hardened against common hacks. We have added features that protect the wp-config.php and .htaccess files, prevent directory browsing, and block hotlinks, reducing the chances that a malicious script or hacker will penetrate your installation.

Social Share on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderSocial Connectivity

Social Follow connects your website to all of your social media channels, and Social Share allows visitors to share your posts and pages on their favorite social media networks without leaving your website. Add new social networks any time.

Contact Forms on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderContact Forms

Interact with your clients with easy, code-free forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls. Just drag and drop to meet your data collection goals.

Slideshows on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderSlideshow Gallery

Create simple custom slideshows with your images. Add beautiful transitions, captions, and links. Show off your products, make announcements, or guide visitors around your site.

Search Engine Optimization SEO on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderSEO Management

Search Engine Optimization is complex, and no single strategy will get you to the top of search results. The key is your site’s metadata – information specifically created for search engines and social media networks used to describe and categorize your site. Meta tags (keywords), meta descriptions (excepts), and featured images are all types of meta data. Your website will automatically generate Open Graph Facebook meta tags, metadata, and Twitter Cards to your posts and pages. It’ll also automatically add important metadata to your pages as new content is added. And of course, you may add the metadata manually as well!

Database Optimization on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderDatabase Optimization

Your website will sport software that automatically eliminates waste data and optimizes your site for higher performance.

Analtics on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderTraffic Analytics

Your website integrates Google Analytics. Your basic Analytics stats will appear right on your WordPress admin Dashboard. Want KISS Metrics, JetPack, or something else? Not a problem. We can incorporate that.

Anti-Spam on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderAnti-Spam Filter

All websites, large and small alike, are subject to huge quantities of spam. If unprotected, sometimes thousands of spam comments a day can appear on a site, which lowers your credibility and can slow or crash your website.

Event Calendar on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderEvent Calendar

Promote your events, display your hours of operation, create repeating events, and more. Pull .ics feeds from your Google, Yahoo!, and other calendars, and automatically create events posts to your website.

Image Compression on the Full Tilt Boogie Website BuilderImage Compression Software

Our sites can compress images automatically to ensure the fastest possible page load without visible loss of quality, or disable the feature for full-resolution images across your site.

Website Backups

Protect your work with our backup utility. In a world of uncertainty, backups are essential to safeguarding your website.

Advanced WordPress Content Editor

JPro websites are upgraded beyond the basic content desiger editor. We have included the most in-demand editor features, including font selection and color editing, text background colors, YouTube video input, and more.

Server-side Caching

Server-side caching increases your page speed by storing display-ready content for your visitors. Your website will store “fast versions” of each page to deliver to visitors, rather than building the page from scratch every time.

Expires Handlers

Your website will have far-reaching Expires Handlers for static content, dramatically improving page speed for users who have visited your site before. Some content on your website is not going to change often – like behind-the-scenes scripts and images in posts you have already published. JPro websites recall unchanged content rather than requiring returning visitors to re-download your content.

XML Sitemap

JPro websites automatically generate an important SEO enhancement called an XML. The sitemap improves your page rank in search results by showing search engines exactly where all of your site’s content lives.

Consolidated CSS and JS

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Javascript (JS) are computer languages that most websites rely on. Your website will automatically collect CSS and JS downloads together, drastically speeding your website.

GZipped Compression

Your website will make itself smaller (and therefore faster) using GZip compression for faster user delivery. GZip is a standard compression algorithm that reduces the size of the files of your website during transfer to a computer.

Read more about the Premium Features.

We have been describing a super awesome website without getting into the details of the technology that it offers. Ready to jump in? Here are the details.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates allow your website to operate under encryption (HTTPS), which protects you and your users from data theft.

Google has announced that websites that use encryption will receive SEO benefits.

Comprehensive Form Builder

Build complex surveys, quizzes, polls, or forms. Forms permit simple sales, donations, newsletter signups, and more.

This extension is achieved using Gravity Forms. The minimum you could spend without us would be $39/year for Gravity Forms, but you would have access to ZERO of the integrations and special formats listed below. To get the same bulk of features that we offer, you would have to spend $199/year.

Integrates with PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, and Yes – you can make simple sales, get paid reservations, or take donations, even allowing coupons!

Integrates with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Awebber, Campaign Monitor, and Picatcha. Yes – you can create your own lead-generation forms!

Includes special format forms, like Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys.

Also, take Signatures, get SMS with Twilio, allow User Registration, and hook into hundreds of other 3rd party functions with Zapier.

Automated, Remote Storage Backups

In less than a minute, you can schedule backups to be generated and sent to remote storage destinations like DropBox, Amazon Web Services, Email, and more.

Create multiple schedules for database backups or whole site backups and send to one or several remote storage locations. Optionally exclude files on the server or tables in the database.

If disaster occurs, quickly and easily restore your website from your backup to reduce your websites downtime.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Suite

Sell simple and complex digital and physical products from your website.

This extension is achieved using iThemes Exchange Ecommerce Pro Pack. The minimum you could spend without us would be $197/year for iThemes Exchange Pro Pack.

Sell your digital products, physical products, including multiple products and products with variants in your store. Sell memberships for users to access to your website content, downloads, and more.

Get paid with PayPal or Stripe in more than 50 currencies.

Capitalize on the coupons extension, multi-item cart, offline payments, flat rate shipping calculator, simple tax calculator, product tags, and product categories.

Advanced Slideshow Editor

This powerful slider has a WYSIWYG, Drag and Drop editor. Quickly and easily build slideshows with full width backgrounds, create captions and titles, manually set font colors and sizes, background colors, slide transitions, and more. Feature video in sliders, including YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted HTML5 video. Optional slide navigation with every slideshow, and dozens of other features. Easily the best slideshow builder available for users that want advanced control over their content without having to learn code or use photoshop.

Affiliate Sales Network

Encourage sales of your products by offering kickbacks to people that refer new clients to you.

This professional grade extension is our favorite because it is very easy to use. If you choose this add-on, your website will have the capacity to allow people to register to become affiliates. Every affiliate will receive a special identifying URL for products in your e-commerce system. When someone arrives at your website through the special identifying URL and makes a purchase, the affiliate will be awarded a commission ( which you specify ) based on the sale.

You can have unlimited affiliates. You can set flat-rate or percentage based affiliate payout. You can specify different payout rates for each affiliate. And you can manually adjust payouts ( in case you want to give a bonus to a really big seller ). Payouts are initiated by you – you can pay everyone at once using PayPal mass pay.

The system allows you to create ads that your affiliates can copy and paste into their own website or email so that your branding is uniform everywhere and it is easy for them to be successful.

The system has customizable email templates, integrates with MailChimp, and is fully responsive – so your affiliates can work on their mobile devices.

I want to know more about your domain registration service.

The “website domain” ( AKA, “web address” or “URL – Uniform Resource Locator” ) is the name you register for computers to be able to find your website. A website domain has three parts. They are the method ( “http://” ), the location ( “” ), and the files ( “/website-builder” ). The part of the domain that you register, and that only one person/business can use at a time is the location.

We can register a generic TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, or .org or a country TLD that is region specific, like .co (columbia), .ge (germany), or .us.

I want to know more about what your hosting service.

Our servers run on fully Solid State Drives which are +15 times faster than mechanical HDD drives (used by most other hosts).

And, renewable Energy Offset Certificates are purchased for 150% of the energy that our products consume.


Tell me about the hidden fees.

You do not get things that are not a part of the service for free.

You do get an exact replica of the demo site that you choose when you complete your Web Builder Profile. You can customize your replica by adding your content, images, custom CSS, – for Premium users – forms, products, memberships, etc. You get the features and functions that we already described.

We are here to help you accomplish your goals and will provide as much free assistance as possible.

However, the following are examples of additional services:

  • updating your content for you costs $40/hr
  • structuring your website (menus, layout, etc) for you costs $40/hr
  • writing custom code to change your theme for you costs $40/hr (More Detail)
  • adding more than the set number of email addresses costs $15/email one-time
  • adding more website domains to your website costs $25/domain annually
  • adding more/different SSL Certs to your website costs $25/SSL annually
  • adding plugins that aren’t already on the network to your website costs $40/hr (More Detail)
  • providing business/online consultation services costs $40/hr
  • long phone calls (we certainly will speak with you on the phone, but we bill $40/hr for calls that are more than 15 minutes)
  • leaving the us costs $25 (More Detail)

What does software management really mean? How much control do I have?

You are buying a website on a network. We maintain the network for everybody so that nobody has to worry about updates, compatibility, or security. You have complete control of your posts, pages, menus, images, videos, forms, etc. You can add CSS to your website.

You do not get cPanel or FTP access. You can request features and plugins be added to your site, but we may not be able to add a feature or plugin if there are compatibility issues with the network. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have what you want. We can move your JPRO website out of the network at any time. If you move out of the network, you can have cPanel access. And then we can provide you with development services for $40/hr to help you get your needs met.

If I buy a JPRO Website, am I trapped?

Absolutely not. By default, JPRO websites are built into a network. But they can easily be moved out of the network. They become completely normal WordPress websites.

We can package your site up and move it to another hosting account (or provide a package that another developer could easily restore) any time you want. You can continue to use the software that is installed on your website, but you will not be able to continue using our licenses for certain software, which means you won’t be able to access the latest versions of plugins after you leave. We charge $25 upfront to export your site.

Are logos, or other branding items included?

Unfortunately, no. You can contract us separately for graphic design service, but in tight adherence to our à la carte model, only integral website components are included.

How long does it take for my site to be delivered?

On average, a website will be created, tested, and delivered within 2 business days. If we have to ask for additional information to ensure your product fits your needs, waiting on correspondence could result in delays.

What should I expect to happen after I place my order?

  • After you purchase your membership, you must complete your Web Builder Profile. We start work when your profile is submitted.
  • If your order includes extensions – such as an e-commerce system – and we need to ask questions about your business model to ensure that we match you with a system that will meet your needs, you will also receive an email requesting clarification.
  • If your order includes a domain registration request and there are any issues with the domain registration process, you will receive an email notice of the issue.
  • When your order is complete, you will receive an email containing the address of your site, and your login credentials.

Do you have a refund policy?

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your website for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your issue. Often, we can easily resolve problems that you are experiencing. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will consider a full or partial refund.

Am I responsible for all content related to my site?

Yes. Your website will come pre-loaded with 4 pages ( Home, About, Contact, Blog ) and dummy text and images in all of the content areas. You will be able to load your content yourself, which is very easy to do. We have a host of tutorials and expertise to guide you at Or, you may contract with us separately to have your content written.

If you have content and would like us to load it into the website, please contact us for a separate quote.

Am I responsible for images?

Yes. For the reason stated above, we do not bundle images in the package.

What if I need more pages than the 4 you mentioned?

New pages are SUPER easy to add. You can learn how now, if you would like, by going to Or contact us for a quote to load your content for you.

Can I change themes later?

Yes. You can request a theme change any time. Switching themes may require you to do some work. You will have to manually configure the menu, widget areas, and other aspects of your site after the switch. You will not loose any content during the switch.

If you require us to help you reconfigure the new theme, or want us to restore your old theme and ‘make it look like it used to’ because you changed your mind, we will charge you $40/hr for our time.

Can I upgrade to Premium later? Or downgrade to Basic?

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade on your member page. Changes take effect within 48 hours.

Ready to find your website? Peruse the themes.

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