Hosting your own event sales system is the best idea

Paying for an in-house event-ticket-sales system is something that many companies don’t prioritize for their websites. Maybe it’s an extra cost they don’t want to incur; maybe they think other sites do it well so why bother?

But, hosting your own event sales system is actually the best idea. Here’s why:

  • The user experience will never be as seamless when using third party sites with redirects. With an in-house system, users remain on your website through the entire process.
  • You will receive the SEO benefit of hosting original content for your events.
  • You will receive the direct-traffic benefits of hosting your own events.
  • Administratively, you only have one system to manage and update, which is more efficient.
  • An on-site event system can include events that are not just yours, which can add value to your site your website can become a library of actions and a hub for research.

When you work with us to create an in-house event sales system, we’ll work through some considerations with you and help you implement them. Some considerations to discuss:

  • How will you collect fees? Will you use only PayPal, or PayPal and Stripe?
  • Are there going to be enough events to impact your SEO? (In other words, is this kind of system worth it for your organization?)
  • Would you promote other events, holidays/observances, etc. that could help you be a place that people go to find out about the wider community in your field? This is a bigger scope consideration. Providing a library makes your website a place people return to because it’s the best place for new and current information.

If you think an in-house even sales system might be right for you, hit us up to chat about it.

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